About Me

I’m Mint and I live in a dumpster.

That’s not true, I actually live in Denver, CO, where I do various things for money that let me live not in a dumpster.

In the time that I don’t do that, I run my own Atelier Garbage – not a dumpster, but boy if it isn’t close! That is to say, I think about games and music and other creative projects I work on. Those musings go here. At least, I pretend they do, but my brand is never updating any blog I’ve ever started, to be honest. 

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m 24
  • I’m perpetually tired 
  • I love cute things of all kinds
  • As of late I tend to represent myself online as a Vocaloid OC named Haruko Mint. 

You can find me more frequently on Mastodon @eightbitsamurai, where you’ll find me microblogging about being bored at work. 

Lenis Aura? The heck is that?

Obfuscation, actually. It is, technically, my name, but converted through three languages. I’m trying to be relatively private online nowadays. If you come to want to learn about me, you’ll have to put in some effort – or, just take what you can get from this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.