Coretta and Kat – Music Choices

When I’m not in the mood to write the main plot of Freelancers, I try to warm myself up with slice-of-life stuff that might not appear in the main story, but keep me on my toes, letting me keep writing and staying in the zone. It is stupid that intent is fickle and my dumb brain is preventing me from finishing this novel sooner than I’d like, but so it goes.

That said, here’s one of those SoL stories, about Coretta and Kat exchanging music taste. It’s my favorite one so far, but I might post others.

Kat swung back on the bed. 

“Give me your phone,” she said.

“Why?” Coretta asked.

“I wanna see what music you’ve got!” 

Coretta thought for a moment, before handing her phone to Kat. Before her girlfriend could grab it, however, she pulled the phone back, pointing a finger to the ceiling.

“Sharing one’s taste in music is an extremely important and personal moment, Kat. Please consider that as you scroll through my 10,000+ tracks.”

“Ten thous – okay, alright, this is clearly very important to you, so I will take it seriously.” 

Coretta gave Kat her phone. The girl began to scroll.

“The Procussions, Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, KOHH, Denzel Curry…damn Cora, you go hard.” 

Coretta shrugged. “It’s a statement. Anti-establishment. Fuck the police and all that. Especially in this town.”

Kat’s thumb left the phone. She looked up at her girlfriend.

“Diana Ross?” she asked. Coretta turned red.

“What about her? It’s Your Move is a bop. I dare you to tell me otherwise.” 

“Fair, fair.”

“Speaking of fair, I wanna see your stuff,” Coretta replied. “Pass me that phone.” 

Kat traded her phone with Coretta, who flew through genres and artists with precision.

“What the hell is a Yunomi?” the girl asked. “Passion Pit, Bo En…you’re hipster trash, Kat.”

“You get those for free!”

Kat scoffed. “Wha – Passion Pit isn’t even that obscure! You just listen to one genre of music. And Diana Ross, apparently.”

“Eh.” Coretta continued. “F**K BOYS GET MONEY,” she read aloud. “I like this one. This is good. I haven’t even listened to it yet but I dig it. Oh hey, Casin. I have the Shake That remix. You know, the one that goes ‘two to the one to the one to the three, I like good  -“

“Okay you definitely do not have to finish that lyric,” Kat replied, this time blushing herself. Coretta grinned at her embarrassment. 

“It’s true though.”

“You are unbelievable…I need to get you into some new stuff. Want me to send you some tracks later?” 

Coretta turned to give her girlfriend her phone back. “On one condition.”


“Only if you give me a kiss.”

Kat jumped on Coretta, snuggling into her shoulder.

“You get those for free!” 

Hope you didn’t get your daily sugar intake for the day because you probably just overdosed, hehe.

Being serious though, I love writing stuff like this. It’s nice to unwind with some fluff now and then. Not that there isn’t any of that in the novel proper, but I do want to try and weave this sort of thing into the story, next to the superpowered, save-the-town stuff. 

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