Freelancers Update – 10/15/2018

I’m actually doing things, which is nice. I made that map, which, while extremely crude, does what it needs to do, i.e. give the town a sense of place with things and their relative distance from one another. Even if the reader forgets, it helps me when describing setting. Here it is:

A map of Clifford.

As you can see, it’s as rough as I described it. I like to think that Coretta drew it herself when she was younger – it would certainly explain “Lake Sadness,” which I’m sure is not what the actual town calls it. It also takes the heat off of my bad handwriting…

Beyond that, I’ve actually started writing the second draft. I’m still “only” on the first draft, but it has expanded…drastically. It’s 2000 words and not even close to where I want it. I’ve actually described setting and have a better idea of where I want to story to begin, which certainly helps. It feels weird to be happy with what I’m writing – like I’m betraying my sensibilities as a writer. But I guess that’s what you get when you actually write a second draft, instead of just going with what you vomited out the first time around.


One other misc. point: I’ve changed Kat’s power. Originally it was flight, hemming closely to her Gravity Rush namesake. But there wasn’t really a reason for her to do it. It was hard to incorporate in any way and barely showed up in the first draft, so I knew it needed to be scrapped. In its place, Kat has the ability to bring the things she draws to life. Not only is this more unique of an ability, it helps to tie into Kat’s personality and background – she’s an artist with a bit of an online following, so it makes sense than just being able to fly.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got at the moment. I’ll hopefully have more to say as I progress through the rest of this second draft, and if I think of anything I want to comment on, I’ll through it in here.

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