What this blog ostensibly is:

A journal for stray thoughts on games I’m playing, music I’m listening to, books I’m reading, and the progress on the novel I’m writing that’s totally happening, everyone. A grab-bag of sorts. A place where I can write all these things down in a way that wouldn’t work in micro-blog format or that would get lost in the social media sea. A no SEO zone.

What this blog will be:

Rarely updated, probably.

Published by Mint

Mint is a writer and designer living in Denver(ish) Colorado. He likes Philly Cheesesteaks, eclectic music genres, awful Horror Movies, and sleeping because he is always tired. He doesn't know why this is in 3rd person, but he's heard it makes you sound more sophisticated, so he's sticking with it. He is currently writing "The Freelancers," a novel about gay kids with psychic powers.

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