Some Stuff I listened to in 2018

I’m two days late and I don’t give a fuck!!

Thanks again to Spacegarbage on Twitter for indulging me with cute as hecc banners for these posts, go look at her stuff it’s very very good!

Anyways this is the stuff I liked this year. Usually this is restricted to game soundtracks, but I didn’t like much game music this year so I’m throwing non-music albums into the mix. It’ll be fun. I don’t think it’ll be very descriptive, but I’ll make up for it by posting my favorite song from each album.

Let’s go!

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

I’m not including P5’s remix album here because imo it wasn’t very good. Persona 3 lends itself better to remixes, and it’s the one that got the Naganuma track, so it wins out. I never bought the game but I still listen to this pretty regularly.

Nier Automata: Piano Collections

An excuse to listen to more Nier Automata music is always good. I listened to this one while I was working a lot…I remember when I used to listen to piano albums to study. I don’t study anymore! Oh god I’m an adult now oh shit oh no


Not gonna lie, it was a close race between this and the Splattack remix for best track on this one, but Into the Light is original so that’s what I went with. It doesn’t really matter though, every single track on this album slaps. I can’t die until I see an Off the Hook concert.

Octopath Traveler

The Octopath Traveler OST is like 40% of that game’s appeal, to be honest. It really sets the mood from the very beginning, and every track is catchy as hell. I still whistle the main theme from time to time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ the Golden Country

You ever hear a song and just have it tingle all the way up and down your spine? Like, it checks off every single note. You get completely enthralled in the track, stop what you’re doing and just listen? That’s me with Torna’s battle track. This is probably my favorite song of the year. I honestly find it hard to describe in words. This youtube comment does a good job of explaining how ridiculous the XC2 OST creators are:


Gonna commit a blaspheme here I’m sure but…I actually wasn’t THAT fond of the entirety of Deltarune’s OST? But it makes up for that with 5 or 6 songs that really tie in all the musical motifs together, and what’s good in there is really really good, so it still gets a spot on the list.


Celeste’s soundtrack accentuates the parts of it that are amazing. Like the game itself, it’s gentle and encouraging, and I still listen to it regularly when I need a bit of a push.

Promise World – 3D Blast

I don’t even remember how I found this album, but it slaps. It’s a wild blend of Dreamcast/PS2 era vibes mixed with future funk leanings.

Moe Shop

Oh look, more Future Funk. I’m an MYLK fan which is how I found this album, and the cover was so aesthetically pleasing I had to give it a listen. It was worth it!

彼女は魔法少女 – Moe Shop

This album was the inspiration for Mint! So that’s fun. Def had to get a spot on the list. Even more future funk.

DROGAS WAVE – Lupe Fiasco

Probably the most important album of the year, and what made me remember that hip-hop can still be pretty good (I’m sorry, this statement makes me sound old). A fascinating concept album depicting a group of slaves that sink on their ship but end up being granted the ability to breath underwater by Poseidon, and it only gets more interesting from there. This album is cathartic, especially for a person of color (that’s me!).

事実上 – Reol

I want Reol to kill me

Hatsukoi – Utada Hikaru

Even outside of it showcasing the next Kingdom Hearts theme, Hatsukoi is fantastic from beginning to end. It’s a testament to Utada’s lasting power, even after more than a decade of performing, she’s still got it.

私的旅行 – DAOKO

I don’t usually like DAOKO’s stuff, actually. But my extensive amount of time playing Dragalia Lost has warmed me up to her. It’s good! I like it.

RWBY: Vol. 5 – Jeff Williams, Casey Williams

The RWBY albums always appeal to the Hot Topic, buttrock, Sonic Adventure 2 part of me that I’ve never truly shaken off, and Volume 5 is no exception, heh.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Various Artists


Pretty sure that’s everything. What did you listen to in 2018? Tell me!!

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